Last week in Followsound 2022.09

We started the week by discussing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the elevation in the likelihood of state actors attacking our systems. I obviously won’t divulge the detail of our findings, but generally, we look in good shape - although there are always improvements that can be made.

I’m adapting my thinking, coming from highly regulated environments, shifting focus on what really matters for the end-users (both customers directly and our internal teams).

Thinking about the Ukraine invasion this week, we have a teammate living in Lithuania bringing it closer to home - I feel so much sadness and loss of hope. What is there to do?

February kicked into March this week. I’m hoping for better weather in March; my wish was granted this week, if only for a day.

D and I did some “calendaring”, in which I found out that we’re effectively booked up until June now - COVID is officially over in our household, apparently.

Spent a lot of the week looking at kube-applier, which was incidentally contributed to by my current team lead. It is one of the best tools I have found for practising GitOps on Kubernetes. There’s definitely a blog post in there!

Also found out this week that Haven does £750 mn of sales per year just on caravan holidays - madness!


  • Discussed hacking by state actors (quel surprise);
  • All-hands meeting at work;
  • Planning to go “on-park” later in the month;
  • Loving no-meeting-Wednesdays;
  • Spent time with D and B.