How to contact me

Hello, I’m Sam Clark, a Systems Engineer.

Here is how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • My favoured way to communicate is via email, as this is the fastest and most orderly (i.e. farest) way I can respond to people: FIFO;
  • If you have my phone number, please use Signal or iMessage (please know in what scenario to use each one). If you leave a voicemail, I’ll probably not see it for a few weeks - you have been warned;
  • I blog here, when I can, about what I am doing. I’m always trying to be better at this. Self syndication is what I prefer (POSSE);
  • Twitter is where I most often lurk now. However, I’m finding doomscrolling destructive to my mental health, but I have been on there for a while and can’t leave it alone;
  • LinkedIn is just a glorifed CV. I tend not to message on there unless I’m looking for a new role;
  • GitHub is where you’ll find my public projects; please connect with me!

NOTE: I do not use any Meta products (directly anyway, I do realise one can’t avoid them totally online). Consequently, I am unavailable on:

  • Facebook;
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Instagram.

CREDIT: The idea for this page came from Alastair Johnson