Last week in Followsound 2020.53

Much inspired by Ton Zijlstra’s fabulous weekly notes, also Rob Weychert’s Day # posts, I’ve decided to start something akin to these posts myself. I note that Ton’s posts are more summary in nature, where Rob’s are longer format. I hope to fall in between these styles, probably leaning toward Ton’s style.

Not an original idea, but what is! I write an (almost) daily personal journal anyway, so distilling that into a short and public blog should help my writing and precis skills.

I’m hoping this will also force me, in a positive way, to interact with my blog more regularly, and lot let things get stale.

So, here we go, I would caution that the template will most probably change as the year goes on.

This, very short week, I have been afflicted with some form of sickness, hopefully not COVID! I’ve been cooped up in bed from New Years Day.

I have, however, got plenty of reading done. I’m currently working my way through two books on my side table, gifted to me at Christmas, SUNBURST and LUMINARY - An Apollo Memoir, by Don Eyles, and Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies, by The Secret Barrister.

An Apollo Memoir is right up my street, a mix of a memoir and a technical reference. Eyles is especially good at painting a detailed picture of what life was like in and out of the program. I’m such a space geek it is painful. If someone asked me to go to Astronaut training tomorrow and drop everything, I would not hesitate. I would recommend it for any space or programming geek; it is the pinnacle of Engineering.

Fake Law also fascinates me, a thrilling read, extremely well written, and ripples between complex legal issues in a digestible format. It highlights the lack and inaccuracies of the information we read in the press. I’m naturally a person that reads between the lines and does his research (read: doesn’t trust anyone), but this book reinforces how much more we need to be told.

I hope next week I will be rid of this wretched sickness, and I don’t wish to start back at work (on Wednesday) with a foggy head!