Last week in Followsound 2021.31

This week was thankfully a short one at work - D and I managed to get a long weekend to visit my parents, who live in a beautiful part of the UK. So I write this from the coast.

It has rained every day during the visit so far, but we did manage to get out and see some of the local areas, and D managed to get his ice cream at the beach, which made him very happy.

Both D and I realised that we have missed going away, even if we’re only staying in the UK (which is not a staycation, that is when you stay at home). D has only had three days of annual leave this year, and I still have three days left to book, which is very unusual as I often buy more. We both have demanding leadership-focused roles, so we must have time to relax. We’re going to ensure we take the time to relax and switch off in the future; I completely disconnected from work and even personal messages meaning I did plenty of reading (I need to catch up anyway).

I have noticed that we seem to be repeating design patterns (Infrastructure wise) with only minor changes as of late, so I am working closely with a colleague to ensure we’ve got reusable components that we can easily share with clients. I’m hoping to reuse a lot of what we already have to make an impressive output.

In other news:

  • Started on a rough costing of a new project for our parent company, which if we win the project, we’ll see 3-4 members of the team on it;
  • Panicked with our Delivery Manager how we can spare the 3-4 team members needed for the above;
  • Was quite ill at the beginning of the week, feeling much better now;
  • Visited some puppies, and I might have to get one - watch this space.