Last week in Followsound 2021.32

The massive news this week is that we have acquired a puppy! A Minature Dachshund called Barry, yes named after the famous Victoria Wood Sketch “The Ballad of Barry and Freda”

We’re delighted with him, if very tired.

He’s coming on leaps and bounds. However, as these things are, it is always two steps forward, one step back. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of photos coming in the coming weeks on here and my Twitter.

We had a hellish drive coming back from my parents; our supposed 4.5-hour journey ended up being 8 hours. There was only a single accident, but the rest of the issues were simply due to the sheer volume of cars trying to use the motorway.

In summary:

  • Got back into the swing of things at work very quickly, which I’m, perhaps falsely, attributing to having our break - things don’t seem so overwhelming;
  • Fixed issues with a locally hosted GitLab cluster that our Team manage (TLDR; the backups were filling the disk, thus causing the instance to bottom out);
  • Completed the rough costings for a large project that may be coming up soon;
  • Managed to get 4 hours of sleep after Barry had a good night.