Last week in Followsound 2021.35

The Pup was at the Vets for his second vaccinations this week, an experience he did not enjoy. The quote from the nurse was “very, very cute, but not very brave”; I heard two squeals and got lots of kisses after, as to corroborate the nurses’ assessment. To make matters worse, I had to stand outside due to the COVID restrictions still in place. I’m sure this made the experience all the more stressful for my little guy. Talking to D about it after - he thought perhaps having the anxious (as I was) owner in the room might stress the pets out more.

Full-vaccination means we can start going on proper outside walks (limited to 30 mins at this age, of course), which will be a dream, as D, B, and I are all suffering some cabin fever.

My calendar was absolutely peppered with meetings this week, meaning I got little “practical” work done. However, we’ve made great strides in our vision across to other members of the business. We’re also supporting a growing number of integrations and systems now.

Multi-cloud is a huge topic of conversation at the moment, and I have spoken many times about the need to be “Platform Agnostic”. To me, platform agnosticism is about being flexible and modular in your designs, not necessarily using multiple cloud providers at once.

D and I geeked out about Bonny M. for several hours at the weekend, and I ended up buying Marcia Barrett’s autobiography Forward: My Life With and Without Boney M (apols. for the Amazon link). I’m sure this will feature on later “Last week in’s”, maybe even a dedicated post; when I tell you D and I are OBSESSED with Bonny M., I’m not joking.

We also discovered that Bonny M. has grossed over $800 m in record sales - even over a 30+ year timeframe, it is impressive.

D and I have been playing through God of War. It is my first playthrough, and it took me a while to get into, but now I’m absolutely enjoying it. The combat after level 4 is just so smooth. I suspect this was the case at lower levels, but my lack of gaming skills has shown itself.

In conclusion:

  • Meetings, meetings, meetings;
  • Rasputin, Raffaella Carra in blackface (WTF), Sunny, mystery, world-dominating success - the one and only Bonny M.;
  • Puppy training (as per), I have also researched some local puppy classes;
  • God of war;
  • Some actual weekend sunshine (again).