Last week in Followsound 2021.36

I started the week with three days of annual leave, of which I spent a majority working - a classic busman’s holiday. This lack of proper time off is an issue I am looking to solve, as I cannot continue to work at the current place I am expecting of myself (and the company is expecting of me). We’re currently executing some team restructuring to make me more available for the “horizon scanning” and customer-facing design work.

The pup is coming on well, and due to his vaccines finally “kicking in” (I thought two weeks, as the vet advised, was a long time), we had our first proper walk. Suffice to say, he hates the harness and being tied to lead, but I’m sure we will get used to it as time goes on. Having the harness clipped into the car (with a seat-belt adapter clip, of course) is inordinately simpler than scraping the car’s paintwork with the crate every time we go somewhere.

I also wrote about information management as I have been giving it some thought over the week.

Finally, I was thrown back into work at the end of the week but had an enjoyable weekend to de-stress. B, D, and I went to see many drag shows, one of them being the pup’s first of many, I’m sure.

In conclusion:

  • First walk with the pup, not a great success but a step forward;
  • Had some time to think about how I do information management;
  • Plunged straight back into a hectic schedule;
  • Found some time (who knows how) to play God of War with D.