Last week in Followsound 2021.44

Busy week at work again, but starting to wind down before leaving at Christmas. I want to get everything relevant in my brain down into our Wikis before my final day at the company, but it is proving a big challenge as I’m still doing a lot of day-to-day tasks.

It was a week of birthdays - my work wife, Uncle, and a good friend. However, I did forget my Uncle’s birthday, well I was a day late. It was on my calendar, so I only have myself to blame. When I say that I’m forgetful - this is it! Thankfully the family are aware of my forgetfulness, and I made it up by fixing IT (as usual).

On a lighter note, D and I have started a new game (like we need more time-sinks), Parkitect. Both of us love anything Tycoon related, especially theme parks. We’re currently creating “Margaritaville”. Playing gives us some time together to share something we both like and allows us to escape the “real” world.

The game itself is fantastic, really well done and distils all the good stuff from 20 years of roller-coaster tycoon style games, including the eponymous. I Might do a “proper” review, although this would be a little late as the game came out in 2016!

In conclusion:

  • Birthdays galore;
  • Speaking with clients about moving forward without me;
  • Trying to document everything I can think of (relevant for my current position);
  • Started playing Parkitect;
  • Ordered my new Tesla.