Last week in Followsound 2021.45

I focused a lot this week on cloud strategy. Lots of our customers are currently working through how to make the best use of the cloud. To be clear: these customers are already in the cloud wanting to get the best from what is on offer.

I’ve also opened dialogue with the Azure team and hope to close this out before I depart.

D and I ended up on a trip to Birmingham for a friend’s birthday - wow the traffic is horrific there! Apple maps said 30 mins for 3.2 miles, which I thought was wrong, a bug in iOS 15. I was the wrong one; merging lanes that are only 100 m long, total design around cars, underpasses galore, to name a few. It just shows how we must design our spaces around humans rather than cars.

In conclusion:

  • Talked about AWS (as per usual) with our customers;
  • Started learning about Azure and how to work with MS;
  • Took a trip to Birmingham and hated the traffic.