Last week in Followsound 2021.46

I spent the first half of this week with some awful sickness. I have never been so sick so often in my adult life (I was a very sickly child). One can only assume this is due to the reduced volume of social interactions during the pandemic. Thankfully it wasn’t COVID (both LFT and PCR came back clear), but it was very COVID-like - exhaustion was the name of the game.

I missed important meetings due to “the sickness”, which further frustrated me as I wanted to participate, for what might be the last time, in our cloud journey. It did make me think, why do I feel this connection to my workplace? Here highlights that I should not carry the level of work-related as I currently do - something I hope will be easier to resolve in my new role.

I did manage to catch up on some reading (when the exhaustion permitted) and got some well-deserved TV time.

D and I had tickets to see “Grayson Perry: A show for normal people”, but like myself, Grayson was sick (he had COVID) therefore the show is postponed until next year. I wish him a speedy recovery! I fear this will be the new normal for, what appears to be, the rest of my adult life. Thankfully a good friend made it over on Sunday (well, I picked them up from the station) - we had a fabulous weekend.


  • Felt like death warmed up for most of the week;
  • Grayson’s show got postponed until next year;
  • Looked after T (the dog);
  • Missed a bunch of important meetings.