Last week in Followsound 2021.47

Some of the team and I had two great workshops this week around our use of Cloud. We’re also looking to expand our horizons into the Azure space. Microsoft are great partners, and I’m sad I won’t be around to see the project through.

Thankfully I managed to visit my sister, niece and nephew, plus take my Grandmother along for the ride. She is terribly travel-sick, but I managed to drive as carefully as I ever have, gaining a 5-star review! This journey was our practice run as my sister is getting married in early 2022, so we’ll be taking a similar trip to the celebrations.

I like to do as much for my Grandmother as my manic schedule allows. My Grandmother cannot drive, and we lost my Grandfather over two years ago now. However, as all her Grandchildren do drive, she’s very mobile for an octogenarian, despite living in a remote village with poor public transport options. There’s always more I could be doing, and that is something I hope cutting out my twice-weekly commute will allow me to do; spend more time with the people I love.

Barry was in tow, of course, and he was a good as gold (as usual). I was impressed by how gentle he was with my very young niece.

Thankfully my sister and family are well and thriving. My nephew is starting school soon, and it only seems like 15 minutes ago that I was at the birth - an experience I don’t wish to repeat in a hurry - so I am looking forward to seeing them grow up, but I wish they would do it slower.

I did a lot of facilitating this week, including technical retrospectives with other teams on top of my workshops. It is fulfilling to catch up with other colleagues and to get a glimpse into issues and successes they have experienced, and often, for me anyway, alleviates some of the stresses and feeling alone.

D, R, and I went to see the ever-fabulous Pam Ann again this week. I think the staging at The Brewers played better to her strengths, and she changed up her act, even from the week before - just an absolute joy to watch.

“We don’t make the same mistake more than three times… maybe four…”

Finally, D and I were snowed-in at the weekend, scuppering our plans to meet a long time friend of D’s; thankfully, we’re going to visit her family to celebrate a birthday next weekend, so all is not lost.


  • Spent time thinking about how we “do cloud”;
  • Spent time with the people I love;
  • Got a 5-star Uber rating from my Grandmother (a highlight);
  • Facilitated workshops and technical retrospectives;
  • Saw Pam Ann for a second time.