Last week in Followsound 2021.51

I’ve soft-finished my current role this week - I technically don’t finish until the 31st, but I have some holiday and TOIL (oh so much TOIL), so stopping work a little earlier. Inevitably there has been a disaster, with data loss, in the first two days. It is totally a flaw in my design, so my fault. However, the system in question has been running for over a year now with no such failure mode. It just shows to always be prepared for the unexpected.

It was D’s birthday this week, so I took D, my aunt, cousin, and I out to D’s favourite restaurant, along with some last-minute gift shopping made for a very eventful trip to the city. I must give credit to “The Cosy Club”, as ever they catered for my obscure dietary needs when we stopped for a late-afternoon snack before our big meal out.

We all played on D’s PS VR and had a fabulous time, with only one spilt vodka-soda accident from my aunt, which was hilarious to watch.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day were spent on the farm with most of the family (spread out over various days), I’m sure my Aunt and Uncle are sick of us by now, but we always try to chip in to make ourselves useful.

Christmas day was just fantastic, as we also managed to spend it with D’s parents for the first time - just magical. D also gifted me the best present anyone who loves Nigella could wish for. I was literally speechless, which is a rarity for me.

I was unwell with my digestive system over the holiday period this week, which did take the edge of the celebrations - something I certainly need to address in the new year.


  • Finished my current role, have started mild-panic mode for the new role (right on schedule);
  • Celebrated D’s birthday in style (and at great expense);
  • Prepared for Christmas;
  • Received lots of fabulous gifts (including D’s present from Nigella);
  • Played a lot of parlour games (which I love).