Last week in Followsound 2022.03

I started the week feeling upbeat about both work and personal worries I’ve had lately.

Moving roles was one of the best stress-relievers I could have ever wished for. Discussing this with my good friend R, we concluded that we were both in abusive relationships with our employers. Remember: it usually isn’t a shortage of workers, just a shortage of well-paid roles!

I’ve had the first, (it is coming, inexplicably in 3 deliveries), Ikea delivery for the new office, which is very exciting. I’m now starting to panic about the amount of work needed to get everything sorted. However, it’s looking like we’ll be able to move in to start work on week 6.

In my new role, we’ve been doing some planning. We are, thankfully, not wedded to any particular ticket management system, which is music to my ears. I’ve experienced, recently, organisations so obsessed with the process that no work actually ends up being done!


  • Ikea for the office;
  • More planning;
  • Office planning too;
  • Meeting Affinity IT with J.