Last week in Followsound 2022.04

This week was a car-fest! I got my Corsa-e back, only to have to return it to the leasing company by the end of Feb as I had a salary sacrifice arrangement with my previous role, plus scrapped my old Ford Fiesta Firefly. Sending the Ford for scrap was a hard decision as it was my first car and the enabler for leaving Manchester as I had the mobility to live back in the peaks, where I grew up - sad times indeed. However, I’ve got a worthy replacement for both with the Tesla, which should be delivered in March now.

D and I played a lot of Disney Villainous this week, first with our good friend N in Manchester, then with family at the weekend. Villainous is such a fantastic concept, and I’m not a Disney fan; quite the opposite. It also has the additional benefit that I usually win!

In summary;

  • Cars, cars, and more cars;
  • Disney Villainous (I won most games);
  • Ticket reviews at work.