Last week in Followsound 2022.06

After putting in so much hard work for the new office, D and I ended up travelling to Manchester on Tuesday, so we only got to have two days in our new office! It also looks to be the same next week… Anyway, we took yet another trip to IKEA this weekend, which should be the last, so things have fully come together now.

D and I smashed our own record of 1.5 hours for an IKEA trip. In just shy of an hour, we did a full shop (in reverse, minus showrooms), plus a return. I kindly borrowed a family member’s minivan, so we managed to fit everything in. I’ve been insuring other’s cars with an app called Cuva, which is really easy to use.

I’m positively overjoyed to have my workbench fully set up now. I’ve been 3D printing like a madman; I’ve even made D some standoffs for his projector screen in the office. To do so, I did have to quickly learn FreeCAD, which was an experience that has brought me right back to my secondary school days. You see, my secondary school was listed as a Technology College and, accordingly, we obtained relatively up-to-date CAD software packages, one of which being AutoCAD. Some of that knowledge must have been ingrained in my brain, as I managed to pick FreeCAD up quite quickly. What I need now are projects for others, as 1, I need the motivation of an external party, and 2, I’m not brilliantly inventive and need the structure of a “brief” or requirements.

B has been enjoying the projector being up in the office, as he’s been watching “The Lion King” very intently.

His Lordship


  • 3D Printing;
  • Learning FreeCAD;
  • Visiting the new house;
  • Lots of driving (ew);
  • IKEA (again).