Last week in Followsound 2022.07

The rain, oh the bloody rain. It has fundamentally just rained this whole week, providing an unwelcome boost to my depression-happy tendencies, making me just want to stay inside. However, we did have a family wedding, my sister, no less, this week which did cheer me up.

It was lovely to see all the family together; bizarre too after such a long period of it literally being illegal for us to gather in the same place.

Looked at lots of technology this week. Datadog, Vault, Strongbox, SQS, SES, S3, RDS, IAM, and more - a whirlwind of designs (AWS-heavy, of course). The team is pushing the platform forward, and there is little to stifle our innovation, a welcome change. The team is mature enough to identify when we’re over-engineering, and it is refreshing to have so many competent people to lean on.

This blog allows me to identify all the “wins” in my life, as my therapist tells me to do so that when the depression hits, I have something to look back on.


  • Lots of self-care this week to avoid the inevitable depression;
  • The weeding of the century (TM);
  • Working n to n (what a way to make a living).