Last week in Followsound 2022.10

It was a busy one this week, concentrating on the weekend.

Parks are reopening at work, so we have many PRs to review in our Terraform mono-repo. I love seeing others’ processes, so reviewing work is something I thoroughly enjoy. However, I am trying to be kinder in my reviews, as sometimes, as I have been told, I can be a little terse in my responses. This isn’t anything against the committer, just that I am generally short-hand when talking with people at work. I have the utmost admiration for any developer delivering HCL.

Did some self-care this week, which is always needed. I’ll admit, I had a wobble in the middle of the week as things just got on top of me. Too many outgoings all at once; don’t worry, it’s in hand, just a lot to process in a short time.

Picked up the new Tesla this weekend, which was thrilling (see happy face below). However, I didn’t get to drive it as much as I would have liked, as I had to do some emergency repairs on HucklowNet.

Happy Sam

Someone has unfortunately suffered from an obscure failure condition - the likes of which we have not seen in the 10 years of HucklowNet so far. Irritatingly, resolving the issue proved impossible, despite our extensive efforts, so the customer is still disconnected; I have my work cut out next week to ensure we’re not letting people down.

I’m always conscious that the HucklowNet project is a community effort and want to put my all into it. However, everything is done voluntarily, and some of us are getting tired after 10 years, unsurprisingly.

D and I did manage to get over to his parents for a Sunday roast, one of my favourites, and it was more delicious as I didn’t have to cook it.


  • Self-care;
  • Picked up the Tesla;
  • Spent way too long looking at charts from TeslaMate;
  • Had a nightmare of a time trying to repair a line for HucklowNet.