Last week in Followsound 2022.11

This week had some ups, but also some downs!

D and I spent time in Manchester getting the new house ready to move in next month. There stands much to do, but it is so exciting to see things coming along; I really enjoy a home project.

We booked a holiday in May, as we have things coming online from before the pandemic. I had a fright when the money came out of my account, as I had totally forgotten. I’ve been thinking I need a better method for managing money, not that I’m doing poorly now, but it seems to be spread across too many sheets, notes, apps, etc. I want it all in one place. However, there doesn’t seem to be an app that will do it for me, and I’m not in a place where I can spend time writing one (or have the skill to do so).

Missed a good friend’s birthday this week as the traffic into Manchester was so heavy on the way in, and I was upset about this, as I’m not someone who does well with not getting their own way.

I’m doing great things at work, so moving in the right direction. The whole department is having a two-day event at one of our holiday parks next week. It will be lovely to see what we’re selling first-hand (static caravans) and to speak to a selection of customers for the first time.

Even though we don’t interact with customers directly, god forbid, I firmly believe you need a good understanding of the customer before you can make decisions at any level. This is something that companies like Apple, JLP, and big fashion houses do very well - putting themselves in their customer’s shoes, knowing where they eat, what else they buy, what car they drive, etc.

F1 has started again, and we have more following actions and overtakes, precisely what the new regulations were designed to do. However, many teams seem to have reliability issues. This isn’t a massive surprise, but to have RB powertrains’ first outing result in both RB18s losing power on the final laps and Gasly’s Alpha Tauri not finishing the race was frankly embarrassing. The latter DNF was set to green flames, hello battery fire, no less. I’m sure they’ll know what went wrong, but I would love to be in those RB Engineering meetings this week!

I’ve read in some places that people are hating on the new spoiler and DRS shapes. They look futuristic and cool, plus the new side-pods are really gorgeous.

I’ve also been planning on moving to a new set of servers, as I’ve had my current ones for over 2 years, so the disks will be dead soon. I had an ingenious idea, in my tiny mind, to ask everyone to buy me a Raspberry Pi 4B for my birthday (coming soon), then I can print a rack-mounted Pi cluster!

In summary:

  • More IKEA (when will I ever be free);
  • Lots of phone calls;
  • Working with Graylog again;
  • A proper ride in the tesla, testing out the “navigate on autopilot” on the motorway;
  • Missing important things due to traffic;
  • F1 2022 season starts;
  • Family birthdays.