Last week in Followsound 2022.12

Wow, what a week; backwards, forwards, sideways, and everything in-between.

Having Teslamate pull statistics about the car, I can see how much time I’m spending in it, which is way too long.

My Aunt and Cousin stayed over in Manchester with us this week. They went off to see Hanz Zimmer - something they thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, D was very sick at the end of this week, so I spent time looking after him and making sure he was getting better. Thankfully he did.

One reason for my long car journeys this week was the opening of Chatsworth’s new House exhibition “Living With Art We Love”. I went to the members’ preview day with my Aunt, and it was absolutely fantastic. We now have a new route through the house, giving the exhibition a more personal feel, as they were planning, I’m sure. A great collection, but I did find some of the pieces a little dry. In addition, they’ve neglected to include any new descriptive cards, meaning one must ask the always helpful staff. Some people will not want to do this, providing a worse experience.

I very much enjoyed the pottery and ceramics. Artists such as Pippin Drysdale feature heavily, and I am also a fan of their work.

Having Teslamate (and therefore “Tesla Inc.”) track my movements is exceedingly scary and goes against my better piracy-related judgement. However, my inner statistics nerd can’t help but be overjoyed with them.

D was quite sick over the last week, so I’ve been playing nurse some of the time and making myself sick with worrying the whole time!

In summary:

  • Love and hate, at the same time, having lots of stats about my drives;
  • Visited Chatsworth’s new House exhibition Living With Art We Love;
  • Spent time with Family;
  • Spent too much time in the car;
  • Looked after D.