Last week in Followsound 2022.13

This week saw us visiting one of our Haven holiday parks, specifically Devon Cliffs. As my parents live just 20 minute’s drive from the park, D, B, and I took the long journey down to Devon in the new car.

One must comment on the Tesla charging network, which is simply fantastic; second to none. An anecdote: D went into the service station to buy food, and I took the dog for a wee in the woods next to the charging location. By the time D was back from the shops, the car had charged 100% (don’t worry, we have one of the new LiFP models). The trip would not have been conceivable in the old Corsa-e, as we would have been charging for more time than driving.

Charging at 400+ Mph!

It was enlightening to experience the product Haven is selling. We had an informative tour of the park by the Manager in glorious sunshine (if a cold wind was ever-present). I firmly believe that everyone should experience the products they, or their company, are selling. Without these insights, decision-making cannot have the customer in mind.

Personally, I wouldn’t choose to holiday in the UK. It is too cold for me as a perpetually cold person, and I already have to endure it for the rest of the year. Plus, I am defiantly not in Haven’s target market (with my disdain for small children). However, I can completely understand why families, especially those with young children, are drawn to a Haven holiday park; there are all the facilities and activities one could wish for, from archery to swimming.

Seeing my parents was also welcome, as D and I don’t get the opportunity too many times in a year, especially after the pandemic, we value family time significantly more. Additionally, B enjoys being able to run around the garden and chase my parent’s cats (although I don’t think they appreciate it).

When we were back in Manchester, we wanted to attend the ever fabulous “Big Gay Gameshow” at the Brewers, but life got in the way (as ever), so we missed it this time. We always have a great time at the Gameshow, so we’ll want to get back into it - whenever we can.

In summary:

  • Visited one of our Haven holiday parks;
  • Got some super-charging on;
  • Saw family.