Last week in Followsound 2022.28

I made such fantastic progress at work this week. It really felt like I was firing on all cylinders. I’ve removed lots of old infrastructure this week, which is one of my favourite things to do; I love a good spring (perhaps Summer) clean! However, I couldn’t keep this pace for much longer. I’m going to see a doctor next week as I can’t seem to shake my tiredness, perhaps it is long-COVID or something else, but I haven’t been right for some time now.

I did quite a bit of knowledge gathering this week and increased my Evergreen notes by 10 this week, which for me, is really good. As part of this, I have got my RSS reader down to a better number (still over 500 articles to go, mind you). I’ve also made a slight dent in my Wallabag reading list. During my knowledge-gathering process, I have added 13 books to my shopping list, which I’m happy about since adopting an anti-library approach. I’m also trying to get better at non-linear reading, as I get FOMO when reading something and not absorbing the whole thing. What I need to learn is that you do absorb everything, even when reading in a non-linear fashion (if you do it right).

For this site, I have added a Hello Page so that, as Alastair Johnston proposes, people know how to contact me.

I had quite an emotional day this week after visiting my Grandmother. She is deteriorating, thankfully, not too fast, but there is a noticeable difference in her cognitive ability. We are approaching the time to start getting paperwork for the day she cannot take care of herself. Something I always knew was a possibility, but it doesn’t make it any less upsetting when it arrives.

D and I have been getting some DIY done on the Manchester house, so much so that we can go there without having to do a hundred different jobs each time. Basically, we can enjoy ourselves with friends, which is what that house was always supposed to be about.

The “heatwave”, as the media called it, was a pleasant surprise and certainly a mood elevator. We’ve also sold some of our “junk” from the loft on eBay and had a great response. Both at work and at home, I’ve been on a “spring clean”, only 3 months late, I suppose.

In summary:

  • Got so much done at work;
  • Gathered lots of knowledge;
  • Books, books, and more books (one can never have too many books);
  • Removed old infrastructure, one of my favs;
  • Sold items on eBay for a little extra cash;
  • DIY with D and I;
  • Emotional times with family.