Last week in Followsound 2022.30

This week was one of disappointment. Firstly, all but one of the evening engagements D and I had planned this week were interrupted. However, we got to an event that D had bought me as a birthday present in 2021. This is the last of the postponements due to COVID.

The current political and social issues in the UK presently harbour an inability to proportionately respond to what used to be simple, easy-to-deal issues. A large portion of my brain power is dedicated to just holding it together rather than moving forward. I have been researching topics of interest to me, a vain attempt to soothe my knowledge-hungry brain in times of crisis.

D and I got our Manchester office kitted out this week, meaning we’re now able to work almost as effectively in MCR as at home.

In summary:

  • A bit of a shit week, not feeling good mentally;
  • Panic about the state of the world;
  • A new office!